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A wedding is beautiful story waiting to be told and we at kriya help you to remember and recollect those fleeting moments, emotion and the drama as it unfolds.

For us, wedding photography is all about creating a story from start to finish and everything that happens in between! With every wedding we shoot, it is our aim to capture the essence of each wedding day, from the hair rollers and hairspray in the morning to the sweet kiss on the forehead towards the end of the day. Forever scanning the room in our discreet manner allows us to record genuine heartfelt moments, giving you lasting memories of your wedding day. We thrive on capturing the small details which ultimately create the bigger picture. For us, capturing honest, creative images as seen in our galleries is what it is all about.

Our Approach 

Our style is primarily candid as we love to look beyond the ordinary and capture the subtle moments and symbols that truly bring out the essence of your day!


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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BBCL Ashraya, Thoraipakkam, Chennai

Tamilnadu, India 600097

Cell: +91-9629103246 | +91-8778406347 |


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